About Us

Skip Investigations Pty Ltd is the market leader in respect to recovery of all secured chattels.

With our nationwide network of field representatives each referral is actioned within 48 hours of being received.

We are known as the leading mercantile agency who consistently delivers results irrespective of the complexity.

Each referral is treated with the utmost of urgency, our superior techniques result in a highly cost effective resolution.

As our company name suggests we are proud to be recognised as the leading mercantile agency that resolves the most complex matters.

Our highly skilled team coupled with our technological advances ensures that each task is resolved in a timely manner.


We will deliver a sense of urgency on all accounts from early stage collections to end of life referrals. We will comply with all relevant legislation standards


Our goal is to manage outstanding delinquencies whilst providing a highly cost effective service. Our results will be above industry standards

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